Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Don't be content in your life just to do no wrong. Be prepared every day to try and do some good. — Sir Nicolas Winton

Warm-up: Shoulder/Hip mobility; Big Loop; 10 PVC Thrusters/Power Snatches, 5 TGU's – 2 rounds

Twisted Team Tabatas!
In teams of 2 rotate through 4 Tabata stations. One person is working, the other one in a static hold.
1) Wall Balls – Static Weighted Squat (hold MB to chest)
2) KB Swings – Waiter hold holding DB over your head
3) Sit-ups – Static hold Hollow Rock
4) Push-ups – Plank hold
Rotate from active to static movement every 20 second work cycle! Lowest # of reps in the 4 active rounds counts!
10:00 Class: 'Hardcore' Jennifer was the only one to make it in. Her scores were 10/11/13/14 = 48 total. Nice job!
6:00 Class: Some old, some new faces tonight! Jeff S. earned his Gold Star with 11/13/16/20 = 60, tied for second  with 53 were Cindy (13/13/14/13) and Glen (11/12/11/19). Another tie between Todd (13/12/11/13) and Jeff J. (11/11/12/15) with 49. Next was Christine with 10/10/10/14 = 44 and then Shawna at 10/11/12/10 = 43. Beth teamed up with J.S. and went through some of the exercises to get a feel, she'll hit her first 'real' class on Saturday! Great job, guys!
IMG_2318   IMG_2322   IMG_2328   

IMG_2330   IMG_2334   IMG_2338   IMG_2341  DONE!

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