Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our plans are nothing compared to what the world so willingly gives us. — Margaret Wheatley

Warm-up: 1 min Run/Row/Rope; 5 Pull-ups/Push-ups, 10 Squats/Sit-ups – 2 rounds


Be done in less than 120 seconds!

On the 2-minute mark do:

20 KB Swings

15 Mountain Climbers (each leg)

10 Parallette Push-ups

For 20 minutes (10 rounds)

We had a big group tonight, 9 CrossFitters going at it. Jeff S. & Glen teamed up with 55# KB, Todd & Jeff J. hit the 45#, Shawna & Erik with 35#, Cindy got the 25# and Robin & Beth the 20#. J.S., Glen, Todd, Shawna, Erik, Robin and J.J. kept the Rx’d reps, Cindy & Beth dropped their reps to get some rest period during their 2 minute rounds. Great job, guys!




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