Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The universal brotherhood of man is our most precious possession. — Mark Twain

Warm-up: 1 min Rope, 5 Pull-ups, 10 Push-ups/Sit-ups/Squats – 2 rounds


Fight Gone Bad 4!

Wall Balls


Box Jumps

Push Presses

Rower (calories)

1 minute on each station, running clock. 1 minute rest between rounds, go for 3 rounds!

We had CrossFitters competing in the following 3 divisions:

Class A: 75# SDLHP/Push Press, 20# WB

Class B: 55#, 14# WB

Class C: 35#, 8# WB

Jeff S. was the lone warrior in Class A and finished with a score of 257. Top spot in Class B was held by Jeff F. with 315, followed by Todd at 294, Jeff J. hit 287, Greg ended up with 283, Glen at 279, Sam with 260 and Shawna as the only girl in Class B with a strong 183. Ann dominated Class C with 369, in second was Jennifer with 308. I found myself in the handicapped (due to elbow rehab) category, WB 14#, SDLHP one-armed with 35# KB, Box 20’’, PP with one 30# DB and row and finished with 284 reps. Great job by everybody, lets work on having everybody move up a class for next year!


IMG_2662  How are you, JJ?



IMG_2673  Greg & Shawna had enough!




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